Our business

❖  Elbrus Business Advisory is a supplier of consulting services "Business to Business" that ranges from scouting of investment opportunities on specific projects as indicated by the client, to the supply of opportunities selected by the team of advisors.

❖  In particular: purchasing/selling of production technologies, purchasing/selling of industrial machinery and/or turnkey plants with engineering services. EBA has grown its focus on the Agro-industrial sector, the Food and the Bio-renewable Energy sectors.

❖  Transfer of Technology is the driving axel of the service supplied by EBA in order to set up new activities. The Technological Transfer’s vehicles are possibly the most usual solutions; Transfer of Technology contracts and/or the establishment of dedicated joint ventures with foreign partners or even the simpler establishment of autonomous production entities abroad.

❖  Elbrus Business Advisory acts as a “technological broker” bridging the interests of entrepreneurs belonging to “emerging” geographical areas with other entrepreneurs having the necessity to acquire their production processes in the same areas of activities thus adapting them to new situations and a different economic environment.

❖  The objective is to price the Transfer of Technology, a practice always used but now with a special focus on new guarantees built through high profile agreements and a scientific approach based on modern techniques of technological processes integration.

❖  The Transfer of Technology might involve complex processes and it is, rather often, high capital intensive but it always creates a very significative degree of interdependence between the various stakeholders. Keeping under control the elements of interdependency and fragility of the system shall confer robustness and the right degree of independency to the new ventures.

❖  The added value of Elbrus Business Advisory is made in bridging people and business through navigated and long lasting networks thus guaranteeing results and efficient dynamics.

❖  The final objective consists in taking the clients to concrete achievements by supplying positive and well proved relations in different continents, therefore preparing a favourable environment to the transfer of technology and to the creation of new ventures.


❖  Development of contacts and strategic relations finalized to the fast implementation of an industrial or commercial objective serving the client’s purpose.

❖  The client will take the expertize and the effective relations made through years of activity aimed to the industrial relocation of multiple Italian ventures insisting on emerging markets.

❖  According to the specific goals of the client, the action plan shall be prepared as a road map leading to the project’s success.


❖  Sensing, Sizing and Exploiting: Elbrus Business Advisory, besides defining with whom and where to operate respecting the various market’s situations and the various partnerships’ potentials, shall supply the economic feasibility of the project.

❖  Once more, the target is to give to the client the effective indication over the type of investment required considering the environmental conditions necessary in order to favour the process of technology’s transfer.

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